Computone drivers under 386/ix

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Mon Jan 15 02:24:27 AEST 1990

In a couple of messages I posted over the previous week I had mentioned
that the 4.40 Computone drivers were working fine with bi-directional
communications using high speed modems under 386/ix.

This information proved to be in-correct as I was having problem with
incoming callers using the Telebit lines when the modems were also being
used for outbound calls.  

I am now back to using the drivers on the Computone Disk marked "Driver
4.31 for AT&T or Interactive 386 Unix System V Release 3.2" which works
fine with bi-directional communications (re-verified).  

Sorry for any problems created - 

          Larry Snyder, Northern Star Communications, Notre Dame, IN USA 
                uucp: larry at nstar -or- ...!iuvax!ndmath!nstar!larry

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