HELP! uucico hangs!

Snorri Bergmann snorri at
Thu Jan 4 03:11:16 AEST 1990

Hello netland!

I am running ISC 2.0.2 with X5 and X6 updates, and I am having a *lot*
of trouble using the bi-directional capabilities (dial-in and -out on the
same port). Everything works fine (I poll a computer every
2 hours) *until somebody logs in on that port!!* After that I get FAIL from
uucico every time it calls and the only cure seems to be to reboot the system.

If one dials in on that port everything works fine, no problems there, and
the modem hangs up immediately after logoff.

I have configured everything as stated in the Update X5 Installation Notes,
(acu0 for dial-out, ttyd0 for dial-in ,the right gettydefs stuff etc) but
it still won't work!.  

Any ideas before I post the entire debug script?

Please e-mail, and I'll summarize on the net.

Thanks in advance,

Snorri Bergmann, Strengur Consulting Engineers, Reykjavik Iceland
INTERNET: snorri at

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