YASPP (Yet another serial port problem)

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Mon Jan 1 12:11:49 AEST 1990

>Item: 553 by *Masked* at attctc.Dallas.TX.US
>Author: [Cassidy Lynar]
>  Subj: YASPP (Yet another serial port problem)
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>  Date: Sun Dec 31 1989 09:17 EST
>asy 	Y	1	7	1	4	3f8 	3ff	0	0
>asy	Y	1	7	1	3	2f8	2ff	0	0
>asy	Y	1	7	1	5	3e8	3ef	0	0
>allow to PHYSICALLY change the addresses from 3f8 to 3e8 and the irq from
>4 to 5. I also tried to as ISC put it, "fake the kconfig" and modified the
>fine, but the probs are 1) the getty process becomes a non-killable process

Oh , but this happens to some us us ANYWAY !!!! (grin)
there are some things to try , like (for one) doing a (as root) >/dev/foo
where foo is the DIAL OUT device name of that port.

>			2) when I cat foo >> /dev/tty02, the terminal on the
>other end, receives the data at a smoking 1 cps or less. I know that the

SOunds like an interrupt conflict with another driver/device. Try running it
on a shared interrup with another port , this should not be a problem.
I say this because many dumb cards have one interrupt for 4-5 ports.

Alternate driver is being emailed anyway.

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