Tim Brown tim at comcon.UUCP
Mon Jan 8 12:12:20 AEST 1990

This problem is about the hard disk hanging occasionally.

		ISC2.0.2 SysV3.2
		386 20/mhz 8 MB RAM
		WD1007A-WA2 ESDI Controller
		Miniscribe 330 MB Hard Disk.

What I know so far:

	Last march the system started hanging.  In core processes would
	run untill they needed disk access, then they would hang.  The
	harddisk activity light would stay on steady, which was not
	normal.  At that time I put a new controller in with the same
	results, the system would function fine for a time (3-12 hrs)
	then hang.  At that time I backed everything up, reformatted the
	drive and re-installed everything.  It has worked flawlessly till

	It has begun hanging with a steady drive activity light again.  I
	am about to reformat and re-install.

What else could be going on?  I first (last march) thought maybe the
drive was bad but the re-install fixed for nine months.  Is there a disk
diagnostic that could be run?  Maybe a special mode of fsck or something.

Thanks for listening..

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