Sorry, but sendmail again

Chris Lewis clewis at eci386.uucp
Thu Jan 18 09:42:29 AEST 1990

Regarding mail wierdness on eci386, ISC 1.0.6 has a shell script called
/usr/lib/install.mail that if you run it does the mail and
change.  Works fine with us.  I'm not sure whether this was documented
or not.  It'll even work with slightly more complicated configurations.

But, do yourself a favour and upgrade to smail 2.5 (1.0.6 is smail 2.3),
and send /usr/lib/sendmail to the great free list in the sky.  ;-)
Chris Lewis, Elegant Communications Inc, {uunet!attcan,utzoo}!lsuc!eci386!clewis
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