TCP Problems (FTP/RSH) on Interactive 386/ix

Stu Donaldson stu at gtisqr.UUCP
Thu Jan 11 04:33:34 AEST 1990

I have had several problems with the TCP/IP products under Interactive,
and would like to know if anyone else has had similar experiences or solutions.

System configuration:  Acer 1100/20 running 386/ix 2.0.2 and WD Ethernet card.

ftp:	Occasionally, (possibly related to system load), when transfering
	files with a 'get' or 'mget' command, I get an error 77
	'netin: Not a data message' and the entire file does not transfer.
	This seems more common when transfering multiple ascii files from
	non-Interactive systems.  (Specifically, PCAT  with Excelan, and
	(Acer 1100/20 with uPort System V/386 with Excelan software).
	It should be noted that the other systems have no problem talking
	to each other.

	I have also been unable to get outgoing ftp to transfer information
	from a PC with NCSA_Telnet.  The connection is made, but a DIR
	or GET command will hang until you abort out.

rshd:	I have also had problems using rsh from any other machine to
	the 386/ix system if the command executed writes anything to
	stderr.  rsh will return as soon as the command writes to stderr.
	This problem does have a rough workaround.  I have taken our
	automated scripts that use rsh, and re-route stderr to stdout.
	This seems to fix the problem with the exception that the error
	output is now bufferred.

 Other than that, I much prefer the networking with TCP/IP from
 Interactive than I did the tools from Excelan which we had to use on
 our uPort system. In my attempt to debug the ftp problem above, I was
 able to port in less than 3 hours the Berkely ftp source to compile
 and run under 386/ix (A task I gave up on early with Excelan :-)).
 That is how I determined that the error code returned is 77 on a read
 from the stream. I suspect the problem is in the kernel and not in the
 actual ftp program.

 Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Stu Donaldson          UUCP: {smart-host}!gtisqr!stu
Software Systems Mgr.  ARPA: gtisqr!stu at
Global Technology      Bell: (206) 742-9111
Mukilteo Washington.

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