WordPerfect for ISC Unix

John B. Milton jbm at uncle.UUCP
Mon Jan 8 12:46:29 AEST 1990

In article <721 at ncs.dnd.ca> marwood at ncs.dnd.ca (Gordon Marwood) writes:
>We are setting up a new LAN, which will use a 386 running ISC 386ix as
>the network mail/file server.  There has been some interest shown in
>trying to run the Unix version of WordPerfect on this machine (basically
>of interest to "non-Unix" users).  Does anyone have any experience of
>Unix WordPerfect ?  I believe that it is currently limited to version
>4.2 (like), though version 5.0 is promised.  I would like to know,
>specifically whether WP can be run under 386ix.  I assume that there is
>a multiuser licence version of this WordPerfect, though I have not
>confirmed this yet.  Any comments, recommendations etc. would be

We're going to setting up PCs running DOS, Macs and a Unisys 6000/50
(really a Convergent 386 box) running ATT SYSVr3.2. We will be using
WordPerfect in all three environments. I called WordPerfect, and they said
5.1 is available for PCs, a 4.2 that can read 5.0 for the Mac and 4.2 for
UNIX. 5.0 will be out for XENIX first then UNIX. Both are in Beta.

Ok, now that I'm writing this, what is the easiest way to network these
three environments for non-techies?

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