Further on hanging uucico/uugetty

ACP Network acp at ms.uky.edu
Thu Jan 18 07:43:12 AEST 1990

[If you don't have any experience with SYSV/386 and/or AT&T's
80386 systems, you won't understand this...]

The other day, I posted a request for help with our uucico/uugetty
hanging during uucp transfers.  I've done some further checking.

The machine, once again, is an AT&T 6386 WGS, essentially a 80386
IBM-clone, with SYSV/386 v. 3.1 loaded on it.  The modem, a Telebit
T1000, is connected to the internal serial port (tty00).

When configuring the port, the only option allowed for flow control
by FACE is "Generic", as opposed to Hardware or Software control.  Well,
after massive manual-reading, I've concluded that Generic means NO
flow control.  This seems likely to be our problem...

How do I tell unix to do flow control on this port?  The port hardware
certainly supports it.  I can't believe the OS expects us to do without
flow control on the ONLY STANDARD SERIAL PORT!

My next step toward solving our original problem is to connect the modem
to the IPC-802 multiport card (which has ttysNN and ttyhNN devices
for software & hardware control), but this may mean disconnecting
one of the modems; besides, this board is optional; I can't believe
one has to buy it to reliably use a modem.

Anyone have any further comments?

Kenneth Herron
acp at ms.uky.edu        University of Kentucky         ACP Network Consultant
ukma!acp         Dept. of Mathematics, room 715 POT          (606) 257-2975
                       Lexington, KY 40506

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