fp emulation in microport DOS MERGE

Norman Kohn nvk at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sun Jan 7 10:03:48 AEST 1990

Microport's dos merge kernel seems to have some problem with
80387 emulation.  On a machine with no math coprocessor the code
#define MATHTYPE int
	MATHTYPE x;int j;
	x=(MATHTYPE) j;
	j=(int) x;
fails (produces results of 0) if MATHTYPE is float or double.
sdb confirms that the conversions are failing.
This may suggest why awk, which uses floating point heavily, gets very confused

The good news is that someone actually answers the phone at microport,
and claims to have a newer merge kernel: maybe :) they'll have
a fix for it.  (A machine with 80287 does ok: at least an
80387 is cheaper than buying Interactive's unix.)
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