Are UW? (was Re: A general Thanks)

David Arasmith arasmith at
Tue Jan 2 17:06:15 AEST 1990

In article <-NXN9ficc at> peter at (Peter da Silva) responds
to my question:
>> I never saw any response about uw for the 386.  Any ideas on where I
>> should ask?
>In alphabetical order:
>	comp.sys.amiga
>	comp.sys.mac
>Problem is that uw is heavy in sockets, and there's no standard pty on
>System V that works like the BSD one. And people into System V tend to
>want 386 clones at home, too.
Perhaps the uw server is heavy on sockets, but I know that does not have
to be the case with the client.  My reasoning:  I am using uw even as I type
from my Unixpc (stock sys V r2.something).  This version was written by
a friendly unixpc hacker at caltech, but it relies heavily on the Unixpc's
resident window manager.  I was also doing some work on a client for the above
machine; Andy just got it done first.
  Bottom line: I know it can be done with just sysV ipc.  I just don't have
the time, nor the knowledge (yet) of 386 architecture to hack one myself
presently.  It would really be groovy if someone has already done this work!

>The other problem with uw is that it's a logical subset of PPP, and people
>are waiting for Godot.
>If anyone has it, I want it too.
What's PPP, or, for that matter, Godot?  Are these other methods of
multiplexing a serial line?  (Is this the dumbest question of the new year?)

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