Logitech 3 button BUS Mouse

Kurt Gollhardt kdg at nirvo.uucp
Mon Jan 1 09:06:06 AEST 1990

In article <1989Dec30.134915.24072 at halexii.uucp> greg at halexii.UUCP
(Gregory F. Hogg) writes:
>	I have heard that the Logitech BUS mouse disables either COM1 or COM2
>anyone using this mouse know if this is true?  If so then why use a BUS mouse.
>I have the Logitech serail mouse but have run out of com ports (running
>DEL 310 with 2.0.2 386/ix).  Do all BUS mouse disable a com port?

No, bus mice do not disable com ports.  This is true specifically for the
Logitech mice, and in general.  The bus mouse card *will* require an interrupt
line (IRQ), but there is a jumper on the card to select which IRQ to use.
If you selected IRQ 4 or 5, it *would* interfer with a com port, but you
can pick one of the other IRQs instead.

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