Tape retensioning

Gerry Gleason gerry at zds-ux.UUCP
Sat Jan 13 03:07:35 AEST 1990

In article <246 at comcon.UUCP> tim at comcon.UUCP (Tim Brown) writes:
>One solution I have come across is to bulk erase the tape.  I had several
>tapes that would not work at all, couldn't retens or anything through
>unix so bulk erased them, bingo they work perfect.  You can get bulk
>erasers from any electrical supply house.

But this is not the same thing.  Another poster noted that he rarely
had to use such a thing, but if you are one to follow all the instuctions,
the tape cartridges I have say to retension before using the first time
and a few other conditions.  This has nothing to do with magnetic state
of the tape, it's for physical care.  I don't know what problems you
could have if you don't, but I assume your reliability would go down.
A little, a lot, who knows.

Gerry Gleason

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