SNA support for 386/ix

Heimir Sverrisson heimir at
Thu Jan 18 10:52:52 AEST 1990


Does anyone know of a good SNA card/software for AT-bus 386/ix machines.
I'm looking for something that makes the Unix machine look like a 327x
controller to the IBM.  I need software support for LU0, LU1(RJE) and
LU2(3270) -- LU6.2 would be a good bonus.  I also need an API to be
able to program the system, and 3270 emulation from asynch terminals
on the Unix box would also be nice.

Please respond via email, I'll summarize to the net to save bandwith.
Heimir Thor Sverrisson			Uucp:	{enea,mcvax}!hafro!heimir
					Internet: heimir at

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