Logging console messages to a printer.

John G. De Armond jgd at rsiatl.UUCP
Fri Jan 5 09:01:53 AEST 1990

In article <399 at zok.UUCP> mark at zok.UUCP (Mark W. Snitily) writes:
>In article <1016 at rsiatl.UUCP> jgd at rsiatl.UUCP (John G. De Armond) writes:
>>How do I redirect console messages to a printer to be dedicated for
>>that purpose?  
>   Haven't tried this, but I think that
>      tail -f /dev/osm | /dev/lp0 &
>should do the trick.  You'll need to have the read access to /dev/osm
>and write access to /dev/lp0, of course.

I appreciate everybody that has suggested the OSM facility.

I should not have neglected to mention in my first post that I had figured
out how to use /dev/osm for kernal messages.  What I'm wanting to do is more
general.  I want to send everything that currently goes to /dev/console
to a logging printer just as if /dev/console were a KSR terminal.  At the
same time, I'd like to STOP the printing of messages to the real /dev/console.
I guess one solution WOULD be to just hang a KSR terminal (Decwriter, anyone?)
on a port and re-mknod /dev/console to that port.  I was hoping there is an
undocumented (of course), but elegant way of solving this problem.  I'm 
working on an inelegant solution (the one true unix way) but I'd hoped
for more.

Thanks again for everyone who has suggested /dev/osm.


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