Problem with mail on 2.0.2

Vidiot brown at vidiot.UUCP
Wed Jan 10 16:30:07 AEST 1990

My mail was fine on the Microport system, but for some reason, it is messed
up under ISC 386ix.  Here is a header of a piece of e-mail that I get:
(the #s are my inclusion to make sure it doesn't mess up getting xferred)

#From uucp  Tue Jan  9 06:05:31 1990
#Date: Tue, 9 Jan 90 06:05:31 CST
#From: uucp (0000-uucp(0000))
#Message-Id: <9001091205.AA01416 at vidiot.UUCP>
#Apparently-To: brown
#>From uwvax!rutgers!!ihlpm!alicej  Tue Jan  9 03:28:26 1990 remote from astroatc
#Received: by astroatc.UUCP (5.51/4.7)
#	id AA03067; Tue, 9 Jan 90 03:28:26 CST
#From: astroatc!uwvax!rutgers!!ihlpm!alicej
#Received: from rutgers.UUCP by; Tue, 9 Jan 90 02:36:57 -0600

OK, what is wrong you may ask?  The second through fifth lines are messing the
mail reader, ie, it thinks it is from uucp (0000-uucp(0000)) and it loses
the subject line etc.

What I need is for the ISC configuration of the mailer to not add the first
six lines, or at least to leave the first line and get rid of the next five.

If you have fixed this screwup, I would appreciate your help.
      harvard\     att!nicmad\    !astroatc!vidiot!brown
Vidiot  ucbvax!uwvax..........!astroatc!vidiot!brown
      rutgers/  decvax!nicmad/   INTERNET:<, at astroatc:brown at vidiot>

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