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Brian Litzinger brian at apt.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 18:39:12 AEST 1990

>From article <105 at touch.UUCP>, by john at touch.UUCP (John Weald):
> In article <2640001 at hpgnd.HP.COM> emmanuel at hpgnd.HP.COM (Emmanuel GAYET) writes:
>> I am looking for a kernel debugger for Unix System V/386 . I have heard that
>>a Californian company named TRONIX INTERNATIONAL DATA CORP sales such a 
>>product but I cannot find the address or Tel number of that company.
>>Has anybody heard of them ? What other tools do you use when debugging code
>>in the Unix 386 kernel?
>> Emmanuel GAYET
> It runs on SCO Xenix 386, ISC 386/ix, Everex Enix and AT&T's SVR3.2.
> We were quoted a price of $475.00
> Tronix can be reached at 408-973-8559.

I have the Tronix debugger, and I like it except that you can't break
on IO port accesses.  Something I was hoping to do.

The MSDOS 386 debugger I have can break on IO port accesses so obviously
it can be done.

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