Mouse Query

Phil Paone paone at
Tue Jan 9 23:55:16 AEST 1990

I am running SCO Unix Release 3.2 version 2 on a generic 386 box.  I
have not had any real problems with the OS in general, but I do have
an annoyance.  When I cold boot into UNIX, the OS never sees my mouse.
Not even a hardware config line.  But, if I boot into dos, type
ctrl-alt-del and then boot UNIX, it always sees my mouse.

The mouse in question is a logictech busmouse.  The IRQ is 5. I also
have an ATI-Small Wonder VGA adaptor and a two port serial adaptor.  I
have seen the busmouse work properly under SCO UNIX elsewhere, but I
am out of ideas.  Any help anyone?

Phil Paone
paone at
"Dinna ya know a jailbreak when ya see it?"

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