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John Weald john at touch.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 09:07:45 AEST 1990

In article <2640001 at hpgnd.HP.COM> emmanuel at hpgnd.HP.COM (Emmanuel GAYET) writes:
> I am looking for a kernel debugger for Unix System V/386 . I have heard that
>a Californian company named TRONIX INTERNATIONAL DATA CORP sales such a 
>product but I cannot find the address or Tel number of that company.
>Has anybody heard of them ? What other tools do you use when debugging code
>in the Unix 386 kernel?
> Emmanuel GAYET

We had an evaluation copy of this debugger. Functionally is a little richer
than the 386/ix debugger and the user interface is a better. 
Additional functionality includes; skipping over function calls, call
functions within the kernel and display certain kernel data structures
in a formatted way.

It runs on SCO Xenix 386, ISC 386/ix, Everex Enix and AT&T's SVR3.2.

We were quoted a price of $475.00

Tronix can be reached at 408-973-8559.


John Weald, Touch Commincations, Campbell, CA


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