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Sat Jan 13 04:55:33 AEST 1990

In article <349 at csnz.co.nz> paul at csnz.co.nz (Paul Gillingwater) writes:
>Also, can someone please post a list of all the ISC updates, X1..X6..?
>The local supplier doesn't like to reveal their existence...

		    Currently Available Update Disks

UPDATE X0 - icc card support for releases 2.0 and 2.0.1 (fixed in 2.0.2)

UPDATE X1 - tbl program fix; release 2.0 of TPW
		 Fixes tbl program in Text Processing Workbench.

UPDATE X2 - SCO Foxbase+ file and record locking fix; releases 2.0.*
		 Allows file and record locking with Foxbase+

UPDATE X3 - VGA Server support under X11; release 1.0 of X11
		 Fixes snowy screens when running VGA server under X11

UPDATE X4 - SCO Professional 2.0 fix; release 2.0.*
		 Fixes problem in addind data and formulas to cells
UPDATE X5 - asy/uugetty fix. release 2.0.2(only)
		 Fixes shared dial-in/dial-out lines with modems allowing
		 for bi-directional communication over modems.
UPDATE X6 - TTYMAP fixes for Europe.  Includes contents of X5 Update Disk
	    as well as a beta copy of the loadfont utility that will ship
	    with 2.2.
		 Enables output of special European characters as well as
		 fixes some problematic behavior with European Keyboards.
		 Also fixes poor performance of lp driver when ttymap was

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