150M Tape Now working

Jerry D. Pierce jdp at PacBell.COM
Sat Jan 13 03:43:39 AEST 1990

I had posted a request a couple of weeks ago asking for any assistance
in getting an Archive 150 meg tape with accompanying Archive SC402
controller to work with Interactive 2.0.2 on a Wyse 3225. 
The people at Wyse told me that I couldn't speak to anyone in tech
support without paying $$$...

I tried to get assistance from Interactive, but they said the SC402
controller was not a supported product and suggested that I call Archive 
A call to Archive answered all of the questions.  They were very helpful, 
and sent me the correct drivers to allow me to use the tape, along with 
instructions, etc.
Hats off to Archive technical support!  The tape and controller are
behaving perfectly!!

   Jerry Pierce

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