ESIX and X windows

Keith Ericson keithe at tekgvs.LABS.TEK.COM
Thu Jan 11 09:41:12 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan9.194636.19293 at> daveb at (Dave Burton) writes:
>In article <23044 at ut-emx.UUCP> jinkins at ut-emx.UUCP (Richard Jinkins) writes:
>|I have a couple of questions concerning running the X window system
>|under ESIX.

>Get more RAM. I have 4MB, and X is untenable. It ``won't'' work with 2.5MB.

I have 8 megs, in an Everex STEP/25, with a _fast_ SCSI drive and it's STILL
untenable.  (Actually, the "fast" SCSI drive even 'slugs' it out under ESIX.)
As far as I'm concerned it doesn't work with 8 megs, either.

If you look up the word "slow" in a dictionary you'll find a picture of an
ESIX box running X-Windows.


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