Is there slip for 386/ix?

WB3FFV howardl at
Wed Jan 3 04:25:43 AEST 1990

>From article <1990Jan1.172600.1208 at>, by johnl at (John R. Levine):
> Has anyone come up with a version of slip for 386/ix host-based TCP/IP?
> The best would be something which lets a remote machine log in like a user,
> then start a slip session, sort of like uucp, but anything will do.
> I know how simple slip is, the problem would be getting the async and tcp
> drivers to talk to each other.

I too would be very interested in hearing if there is a version of SLIP for
either 386/ix or AT&T V/386 3.2.1.  I am lookinh at setting up a fulltime
IP link with a VAX and SLIP looks like a logical choice for the internet 

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