Problems with new 386/ix (help needed)

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Wed Jan 10 00:47:03 AEST 1990

In article <3 at vidiot.UUCP>, brown at vidiot.UUCP (Vidiot) writes:
> The major problem is that NH tech support won't talk to an individual like me.
> I think that sucks.  I did get him to answer a lp problem.  Personal opinion
> here, but the lp and lpadmin pages talk about the nobanner and width options.
> I find out that isn't supported and I had to manually edit the lp interfaces
> script.  Bummer.  Sounds just like UNIX to me :-)

I believe the only thing I had to do to turn off banners was to place


into /etc/default/lpd. 

> For some stupid reason I can't get access to com1 (tty00).  If I do a
> 	cu -ltty00
> I get:
> 	connect failed: CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE

To get more information about why this is failing, try:

	cu -d -ltty00

This turns on debugging and will probably explain the problem.  The first
thing I would check is the mode of /dev/tty00.  Then I would check to make
sure that the major device number for tty00 is the correct number.

> All of the programs that I compiled under MicroPort work directly here.
> I too don't like the compiler complaining about text after #endif lines.
> I'm thinking about loading up the Green Hills compiler, as it didn't complain.

The compiler is complaining because it text after an #else/#endif is
un-supported and may cause future compilers to fail to compile your 
program.  Another reason is the you may have accidently placed code
to the right of a #endif

As opposed to changing the compiler I would change the text to a comment.

	#endif /* #_DEF_LABEL */

> The other minor problem:  where and how are the filesystem partitions labeled?

Use the labelit program to label a file syste.  This must be done when
the file system is not mounted.  You should also modify the /etc/partitions 
and /etc/fstab files to agree with the new labels.

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