memset, strlen, etc., redeclarations!!!! >:-() ARGH! SCO UNIX!

Mark J. Bailey root at mjbtn.MFEE.TN.US
Tue Jan 9 15:35:24 AEST 1990

I work mainly with SCO Xenix DS 2.3.x on and 80386 system.  Recently, I 
obtained a contract with which I worked with SCO Unix 3.2 (for the first
time).  I know next to nothing about it.  One of the staff programmers
there has barrowed the DS release notes and is away from their office for
a week or more.  

My problem is that software (like smail 3.1 and elm 2.2) that compiled fine
under SCO Xenix 2.3.3 is giving me all kinds of fits when I compile it
under SCO Unix.  Now, I know they are different.  The error messages that
I am getting things like strlen or memset (or similar) redeclarations on
statements like 'extern int *memset();'.  I have tried this with and without

It seems to me that there has to be some simple mechanism for eliminating
this problem.  Any one have any suggestions.   It could very well be that
the release notes cover this - if I had them....

At any length, any one that might have a thought as to what is happening
here (obviously something with header files), I would really appreciate
hearing from you.

Please email responses.  Thanks in advance!


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