YASPP (Yet another serial port problem)

Axel Fischer fischer at utower.gopas.sub.org
Sat Jan 6 10:09:47 AEST 1990

thomax at utopia.uucp (Thomas Kaulmann) writes:

>news at brian386.uucp (News Administrator) writes:
>>think could be wrong with mine ;-)  Interractive said their driver
>>might not be fast enough to handle 4 ports on the same interrupt, since
>>it checks all ports each time an interrupt is received.  But this
>to fix that problem, you must get the X6 - update from ISC.
>this fix should be able (not testet) to support modemcontrol (hardware-
Forget the X6 UpDate - doesn't work as expected.

>X6 includes a new asy-driver, but what i use is an heroic public-domain
>replacement, wich support the FIFO on an NS16550 and works quit nice
>include all the other "new" features of ISC's asy-driver...
The PD Driver is superb.
It does not support vpix or other stuff, it's just a driver
for modems/terminals.

Runs with hardwarehandshake and HST MNP 5 and Trailblazern superb.

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