Cheapest way to Unix program developement

Carl "Art" McIntosh bt455s10 at
Sat Jan 13 14:49:59 AEST 1990

In a nutshell, yes you can use the GNU cc, as, ld utilities on the
386 platform, but there's a catch ... since GNU *does not* support
COFF, you must feed your COFF C libraries to the *robotussin*
utility found in the GNU binutils.  Robotussin supports *encapsulated COFF*,
which is basically COFF hidden inside a BSD wrapper. This will make
your libraries unusable by the stock cc in the development system,
converting to GNU as and ld is a total committment.  You *can* have
gcc use the system's ld thereby eliminating the need for robotussin,
alas this means no GUN ld, as etc .. it's a tradeoff each GNU user
must partake ...

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