WordPerfect for ISC Unix

Gordon Marwood marwood at ncs.dnd.ca
Wed Jan 3 14:15:18 AEST 1990

We are setting up a new LAN, which will use a 386 running ISC 386ix as
the network mail/file server.  There has been some interest shown in
trying to run the Unix version of WordPerfect on this machine (basically
of interest to "non-Unix" users).  Does anyone have any experience of
Unix WordPerfect ?  I believe that it is currently limited to version
4.2 (like), though version 5.0 is promised.  I would like to know,
specifically whether WP can be run under 386ix.  I assume that there is
a multiuser licence version of this WordPerfect, though I have not
confirmed this yet.  Any comments, recommendations etc. would be

Gordon Marwood
marwood at ncs.dnd.ca

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