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Wed Jan 3 13:37:24 AEST 1990

roy at comcon.UUCP (Roy M. Silvernail) writes:

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>> tim at comcon.UUCP (Tim Brown) writes:
>> [about a getty not always hanging up on a logout]
>> This happens always when you start a process in the background.
>> [...]
>> You could also do this with a simple "tail -f .cshrc &"
>> If you start it and logs off you will always get a fresh login message
>> until you kill the process.
>I just tried this exact procedure. (tail -f .bashrc &, running a bash
>shell) ps reported a shell and a tail in the background. I typed 'bye'
>and the system dropped carrier. I don't think it's specific to bash
>shell, though, because the Bourne shell would act the same way, and
>_sometimes_, the system would not hang up the modem.

Hmmm, I *always* used this trick to stay online on a dialup '286
Xenix System to get a fresh login. (saves telephon costs :-)

Could anyone enlighten me why it shouldn't work on all systems ?

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