Uugetty/uucico hangs on Sysv/386

Bruce Becker bdb at becker.UUCP
Thu Jan 18 05:10:29 AEST 1990

In article <13698 at s.ms.uky.edu> acp at ms.uky.edu (ACP Network) writes:
|One of our uucp sites is having trouble with uucico.  We (ukma) call it
|every day to exchange netnews and mail, but frequently uucico locks up
|on his end.  The machine with the problem is an AT&T 6386 WGS running SysV/386
|version 3.1 (or possibly 3.2) with HDB uucp (the standard AT&T distribution); 
|the machine that always calls it is a vax running ultrix and Version 2 uucp.  
|The modems on both ends are Telebit T-1000's connecting in an MNP mode.

	First of all, why are you running T1000's
	in MNP mode, when you could be using the
	much more reliable & faster PEP mode?

|The call takes place around 4 or 5 AM; when the sysop arrives in the
|morning, he finds that uucico hung during the call and is still running
|(the phone connection is broken).  Uucico can be killed, but the uugetty
|refuses to give up the line, and in fact is immune to kill -9.  He has
|to shut down the machine & restart to get the serial port back.

	The modem and the driver may be in a
	mutually impossible state. Things to try -

	Configure the Telebit to run in
	autobaud mode, i.e., don't lock
	the interface speed (set S66=0).

	Try setting modem register
	S52=2 if not already done.
	This causes the modem to reset to
	its defaults when it sees DTR drop.

	Make sure S53 is nonzero, so that
	DCD signal will indicate carrier state.

	In the gettydefs, remove the
	"ECHO" keyword from the first
	section of the applicable entry.

	Try turning the modem off and then
	kill the uugetty when trying to get
	out of the lockup state. If this doesn't
	work you may have a hardware problem
	such as a bad serial port or modem
	cable. It's less likely to be software
	if you have other systems running the
	same configuration without this problem.

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