looking for problem reports with Unix or VP/ix on Micronics plus...

-Jeff Ellis jde at everex.UUCP
Wed Jan 10 07:20:19 AEST 1990

In article <6049 at internal.Apple.COM> henry at Apple.COM (Peter Henry) writes:
>Has anyone had any problems running various incarnations of UNIX on the
>Micronics 25 or 33 Mhz cache-based motherboards?  I'm about to drop $4k on
>a system, and don't want to get stuck.  Also, has anyone got any preferences

I am posting this for the view of others like you....
Here at ESIX Tech Support we have had a few problems with Micronics 25 and
33. A few things you should know.... You NEED the phonex BIOS 10.10!
You also need 100ns ram or faster sometimes they get shiped with slow
memory. People have also had booting problems when the motherboard has
a switch moved to enable shadowing of the vidio bios. As long as you
know this you should be ok with most Unixes. With these things in mind
ESIX SYSV3.2 Rev C works fine.

>From our expirence use fast controlers with these machines.... The WD
does not seem to work too well in the 33 mhz computers. The Adaptec should
work fine. 

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