Using a second serial port

Eric Johnson erc at pai.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 02:46:26 AEST 1990

A belated thanks to everyone who sent me information regarding
using COM2: as a second serial port with Interactive's 386/ix.
Most of the messages stated the same basic info, which can be
summarized together with...

>Interactive's documentation seems to say that the asy driver comes
>pre-installed and that it handles both COM1: and COM2:. None of the
>kconfig/sysadm menus seem to want to give me any information 
>regarding the serial ports.

Ok, you need to be sure that the kernel has COM2 enabled in two places...


there should be two (2) entries for 'asy', one on IRQ4 (COM1) and one on
IRQ3 (COM2), both of these should be enabled ('y' instead of 'n').

In the file /etc/conf/sdevice.d/asy you will see the following ..

asy Y 1 7 1 4 3f8 3ff 0 0
asy N 1 7 1 3 2f8 2ff 0 0

You will notice that COM2: is disabled.  Edit that file so that it reads...

asy Y 1 7 1 4 3f8 3ff 0 0
asy Y 1 7 1 3 2f8 2ff 0 0

Then rebuild your kernel with kconfig to get com2: configured in. BE
SURE that your editor doesn't leave any backup copies of the asy file
lying around in that directory, or kconfig will fail. If you want
to save a backup of the original asy file, put it in /tmp or a floppy
or elsewhere...

BTW: If you DONT have the ASY FIX X.5 and the 2.0.2 set , umm, GET EM)

Special thanks to the follwing great folks (if I left anyone out, it
was unintentional, sorry):

daniel mocsny <rutgers!!cvl!Daniel.Mocsny>
rutgers!!rsiatl!jgd (John G. De Armond)
fritzz at (fritz zaucker)
cpcahil at virtech.uucp (Conor P. Cahill)
fritzz at (fritz zaucker)
rutgers!!tronsbox!tron1 (Kenneth J. Jamieson)
uunet!telxon!ping!gorpong (Gordon C. Galligher)!dell!mustang!jrh (James R. Howard)
rutgers!!dumbcat!marc (Marco S Hyman)
uwm!tntdev.tnt.COM!wgb (William G. Bunton)
tim%comcon%uunet at mailrus.uucp (Tim Brown)
rutgers!!johnl (John R. Levine)
rutgers!!campbell (Larry Campbell)


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