Adaptec 2322B ESDI controller

neese at adaptex.UUCP neese at adaptex.UUCP
Tue Jan 16 04:33:00 AEST 1990

>/* ---------- "Adaptec 2322B ESDI controller" ---------- */
>   I am trying to find out whether or not the Read Ahead Cache on the 2322B
>ESDI controller can be used with AT&T Unix V3.2?
>   I have a 2322B/Maxtor 4380E hard drive combo. The 2322B is capable of
>utilizing a read-ahead cache by removing J2-5 on my rev of the board. Does
>anyone in netland have experience with this controller and 386 Unix?
>   Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

The read ahead cache cannot be used with *ANY* version of UNIX/XENIX/Novell.
We are looking into what the problem may be, but do not have an answer yet.

			Roy Neese
			Adaptec Central Field Applications Engineer
			UUCP @ {texbell,attctc}!cpe!adaptex!neese

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