getty replacement

HIM tron1 at tronsbox.UUCP
Tue Jan 2 18:00:46 AEST 1990


>As I recall, you have two (or more?) devices for talking to a
>given modem line. One waits for CD; the other doesn't. Assuming
>that that is what you have, try this: create a getty script,
>something like:
>{                                       # send commands to the modem
>	echo "whatever"
>	echo "more"
>	....
>} >/dev/tty-ignore-CD
>exec /etc/getty /dev/tty-wait-for-CD    # run the real getty
>and run that from your inittab instead of the regular getty.
>There is one way this might fail. If, after the echos, DTR is
>dropped, that might make the modem reinitialize itself. If that
>is the case, you can move the exec into the braces. That will
>work with my getty; it may work with the standard one.

I like it ! , I will play with it tues. and summarize results.

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