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Tue Jan 2 02:09:34 AEST 1990

In article <259ea868:549.2comp.unix.i386;1 at tronsbox.UUCP> tron1 at tronsbox.UUCP (HIM) writes:
: >If the latter, you can, with my soon to be released getty,
: >specify an alternate /etc/issue file. If the former, you are
: >probably out of luck.
: That will do nicely.
: Actually no , it wont. This would happen AFTEr the getty ran , but before CD
: went high since this has to happen BEFORE the connect.

As I recall, you have two (or more?) devices for talking to a
given modem line. One waits for CD; the other doesn't. Assuming
that that is what you have, try this: create a getty script,
something like:

{                                       # send commands to the modem
	echo "whatever"
	echo "more"
} >/dev/tty-ignore-CD
exec /etc/getty /dev/tty-wait-for-CD    # run the real getty

and run that from your inittab instead of the regular getty.

There is one way this might fail. If, after the echos, DTR is
dropped, that might make the modem reinitialize itself. If that
is the case, you can move the exec into the braces. That will
work with my getty; it may work with the standard one.

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