mkpart -v (finding bad blocks

Tim Brown tim at comcon.UUCP
Wed Jan 10 06:47:11 AEST 1990

OpSys: ISC2.0.2 
Platform: 386/20 AMI
Disks: Seagate 4144 rll 122 MEG (2)
Contolller(s): Adaptec 2372 & 2370

I noticed something very disturbing last night.  I ran mkpart -v on both
drives and got the same exact error list for both drives!  In both cases
it said sectors 239148 - 239381 were bad.  The lists contained others
that were not the same.  Anybody have any idea if mkpart can be trusted
at all?  Also any light shed here would be wonderful!

I will summarize all email later.

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