getty problems isc 386/ix 2.0.2 with update 5

Max Heffler @ Landmark Graphics max at
Wed Jan 17 01:31:03 AEST 1990

I am using a telebit modem at home on a Compaq 386/25 at 19200 to dial
into an RT with a trailblazer at the office.  This direction is fine;
however, when I try to dial into the Compaq, I get no login prompt.
I have my environment set up per the x5 update with a getty on ttyd1
using gettydef TB8-19200.  Does anybody have any idea what is the problem?
Thanx in advance...

Max Heffler			internet: max at
Landmark Graphics Corp.		uucp: ..!uunet!lgc!max
333 Cypress Run, Suite 100      phone: (713) 579-4751
Houston, Texas  77094

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