Gnu Emacs on 386/ix Ver 2.0.2

Gerry Gleason gerry at zds-ux.UUCP
Sat Jan 6 04:58:52 AEST 1990

In article <1445 at> adam at writes:

>I tried building emacs version 18.55 on 386/ix v 2.0.2, using
>s-usg5-3.h and m-intel386.h with no luck (compiler bombs in sysdep.c,
>not to mention that it can't seem to handle x11term.c at all). I know
>people have done it, so my question is...HOW?? Am I missing something ??

>Internet: adam at			Adam W. Feigin

I've just been doing the same thing.  Same system and machine includes,
and found one major problem and another minor one.  First, it seems that
in XENIX there is a ioctl defined (termio.h I think) that conflicts with
one of theirs (TIOCGETC).  There is a #ifdef XENIX that undefines it, but
now these definitions are included with UNIX also.  The minor problem was
that cpp didn't seem to be able to handle a define name with a dollar
sign ($) in it.

This is the diff for the second minor problem:
< #ifndef RAB$C_BID
> /*#ifndef RAB$C_BID*/
> #ifndef RABC_BID /* for some reason, the $ confuses cpp */

And this for the first one which is a stopper:
> /* we need this because termio.h has this defined for Xenix compatibility */
> #undef TIOCGETC  /* Avoid confusing some conditionals that test this.  */

And throughout I had to do this type of thing so cpp wouldn't complain:
< #endif HPUX
> #endif /* HPUX */

At present it's dumping core all over the place, so I'm about to recompile
fns.c without the optimizer as someone elso suggested.

Gerry Gleason

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