Trying to compile with XENIX libs under 386/ix

Gregory F. Hogg greg at halexii.uucp
Sat Jan 13 21:20:16 AEST 1990


	I have a set of XENIX libraries that I need to use in a program
I have on my 386/IX system.  I have tryed to just use them but that did
not work. The XENIX library must be in some different format.  Is there
anyway to do this or must I buy the XENIX development system?  What I
have is the INFORMIX Rapid Development System for XENIX but I am
running it under is 386/ix.  I need to create a new version of the db
runner and that is when I need to relink with XENIX libraries.  Anyone
got any ideas?

				Greg Hogg

			VOICE	: 301-538-7241
			EMAIL	: uunet!halexii!greg


				Greg Hogg


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