help on MICROPOLIS 1568 HD

Lin Chen lin at cdin-1.UUCP
Tue Jan 16 10:08:19 AEST 1990

Hi Netters:

We have a problem that we need some help with : 

First our system configuration : 
AMI386/25 running SCO XENIX2.3.1 and we have tried SCO XENIX 2.3.2 GT and AT 
with a MICROPOLIS Model 1568 which is 660 MB HD. Some drive specifics :
Cylinder : 1630; Head : 15; Sector : 54. The hard drive controller is
(ADAPTEC) ACB-2322B-8.
The drive gets through Debug ( using G=C800:5 ) with no problems. It only
when we go to install SCO XENIX that we can not get through the bad track
routine with either destructive or non-destructive using thorough or quick 

We have talked to MICROPOLIS, ADAPTEC and SCO and have been unsuccessful with
their suggestions. We would appreciate any ideas and passed experiences with
this configuration.

We will summarize if there is enough interest.
	Lin Chen				{uunet,bpa}!cdin-1!lin
						lin at
  CompuData Inc.,  Philadelphia  PA

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