TCP/IP by Interlan & ISC

Dan Rich drich at dialogic.uucp
Thu Jan 4 08:59:30 AEST 1990

Ok, I am finally fed up with fighting with the two versions TCP/IP we
are running here.  We have a network of 386 machines running
Interactive's 386/ix v 2.0.2.  Some of these machines are using the
Racal/Interlan NP600 network card, and others are using the 3Com 503.
The NP600 is an intelligent ethernet card, so we have to use
Interlan's version of TCP/IP (and all of the associated software).
This also means that all of the include files are not in the standard
locations (#include <interlan/in.h> for example).  As if this weren't
enough, rsh and rcp have been renamed rshl and rcpy.

Now, these are all things I can live with (although I may use
Interlan's name in vain every time I have to install a piece of
software), but the incompatabilities are starting to bother me.  For
some reason, when I use "rshl system command" to execute a command on
a machine with ISC TCP/IP, it doesn't return any of the messages sent
to stderr, or an return code if the command fails.  This makes writing
shell scripts for the network rather difficult.  Since the error
messages are returned if I try to rshl to our Sun 3/60, I am assuming
it is ISC that is causing the problems, but after my experience with
Interlan, I don't want to let them off of the hook that easily. 

Has anyone else had experience working with these two versions of
TCP/IP?  If so, what kinds of problems have you run into?  We only
have a few machines running ISC's TCP/IP right now, and I would like
to know what other things I can expect to run into.
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