rlogin fails as root on ISC 386/ix

Marc Boucher marc at CLIK.QC.CA
Mon Jan 1 08:26:51 AEST 1990

In article <39 at guug.UUCP> ott at guug.UUCP (Joachim Ott) writes:
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>> Hi,
>(rest deleted)
>i have done this once for microport unix: find out the address of the string
>'not on system console' in the data segment (use 'hd' and a calculator);
>find out where this address is pushl'ed (to printf) - use 'dis'; shortly
>after the printf-call is the exit-call - replace it with nop's (write your
>own program). After this you can login as root from anywhere.
>J. Ott

	I have patched mine some time ago. no need for nop's.
Change 0x75 to 0xeb at offset 0xc26 in /etc/netlogin. You can use my recently
posted program to patch nfs remapping to do it too. (by changing the offset in
the source, of course).

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