ESIX and Video 7 VRAM at 1024x768

Phillip Lee phil at lindy.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jan 12 11:52:11 AEST 1990

This was originally intended for Jeff Ellis of ESIX tech support.
I try to email but it bounces every time!! I was using jde at everex.UUCP.

	Recently I bought ESIX rev C and I like it alot especially the speed
improvement of the X window from rev B.  Before I bought ESIX I was told by
the sales guy that X window will do 1024x768 on Video 7 VRAM with 512K, but
as you probably knows, it does not!!  I found this out by talking to Raymond
from Tech Support, and he can not tell me weather ESIX is coming out with the
1024x768 driver or not.  Anyway, I am very satisfied with ESIX except for
the fact that it will not do 1024x768 and also it does not do 256 color at
any res!!  It will be very nice to have 800x600x256 on X window.  Please
let me know if you can get me a driver for VRAM on 1024x768.   Thank You

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