Number of chars in input queue - terminal, keyboard

John W. DeBoskey jwd at sas.UUCP
Wed Jan 10 03:42:00 AEST 1990


   The subject almost says it all. I'm running ISC 1.0.6. I want to
find out how many characters are available to read from the terminal
if there are any. ie: avail = in_queue(term_id). 

   A BSD answer is to use FIONREAD, but sVr3 doesn't have it, and I've
been unable to duplicate it. Please don't tell me to RTFM or read
the monthly intros. I have and they don't help. I'm starting to think
the only way I can do this is to actually issue a read, and do my own
internal buffering, but I DON'T really want to do this.

   If anyone has some ideas, or knows a way that isn't doc'd, please
let me know. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!

                                      John W De Boskey

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