96 TPI ds sd on ISC 2.0.2?

Dante_A_Nicolello at cup.portal.com Dante_A_Nicolello at cup.portal.com
Sun Jan 7 11:52:54 AEST 1990

>I wrote a series of archive disks under Xenix that now I
>don't think I can read under ISC 2.0.2.

>When switching from Xenix to ISC 2.0.2 I tarred many files to rfd096ds9 or
something like that. This should have been 96 track per inch, double side
and 9 sectors per track under low density mode, for a total storage of 720K
per disk. What a surprise when I loaded ISC 2.0.2 and found that they have
48TPI/ds/9sect (360K) and 96TPI/ds/[9 15]sect (1.2M). But no 5 1/4 format
that would produce a 720K floppy. I assume (from what I can tell) that the
96 TPI format regardless of the sector count is a high density format.
Try mounting it as a 720K 3.5" floppy (80 tracks, Low density)

> On another porting issue, I configured the first disk partition (UNACTIVE)
for msdos, second (ACTIVE) partition, unix. dosette (Unix) won't access the
first partition, did I miss something?

Ok, you have to mount the partition as an MS-DOS partition.

As root:

mount -f DOS /dec/dsk/0p1 /mnt
                      ^ ^----------(partition no.)
                      |________ (fixed disk no.)
now access that drive through /mnt.

Look in Appendix A. in ICS/ Unix Primer.



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