logging on as root on other than /dev/console

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Mon Jan 8 22:53:38 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan6.062148.8587 at actrix.co.nz>, paul at actrix.co.nz (Paul Gillingwater) writes:
> In article <39 at guug.UUCP> ott at guug.UUCP (Joachim Ott) writes:
>>    [complicated method to patch binaries deleted]

> Gack!  What's wrong with commenting out the line
> CONSOLE=/dev/console
> in /etc/default/login?

Because this only fixes login. The original posting was about rlogin.
The rlogin program in 2.0.2 and before does not use /etc/default/login.  

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