Logitech mouse problem with X

Stan Voket asv at gaboon.UUCP
Tue Jan 16 13:28:55 AEST 1990


I've just installed a new Logitech C-9 3 button serial mouse to 
replace my old Microsoft 2 button mouse for X window use with 386ix.  
I placed it on /dev/tty00, the default.  I get the following error 
after typing: startx 

Fatal server error: the Logitech mouse is not responding -- Check the 
connection and try again.  If it still fails to respond, try 
unplugging and replugging the mouse.  

(I sure hate error messages like this...)

To make it work I must hit Del and type startx again while slowly 
dragging the mouse.  

I built servers with all of the baud rate options but only 1200 baud, 
the slowest, will work at all.  

Is the C-9 mouse not supported?  Any ideas on this subject will be 
very much appreciated!  

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