uw, screen, multiple terminal session support, etc...

Larry Williamson larry at focsys.uucp
Wed Jan 3 14:58:38 AEST 1990

In article <4818 at emory.mathcs.emory.edu> arasmith at mathcs.emory.edu (David Arasmith) writes:

   I never saw any response about uw for the 386.  Any ideas on where I
   should ask?

And in article <-NXN9ficc at ficc.uu.net> peter at ficc.uu.net (Peter da Silva) writes:

   Problem is that uw is heavy in sockets, and there's no standard pty
   on System V that works like the BSD one. And people into System V
   tend to want 386 clones at home, too.

   If anyone has it, I want it too.

There is an alternative, but it costs $money$.

A company in Texas called Structured Software Solutions sells a
package they call Facet/Term and Facet/PC. These provide virtual
terminal features for terminals and a special set of features if your
terminal happens to be a pc-dos machine. Facet/Term will work on
serial lines, tcp/ip rlogin lines, just about anything.

Facet/Term is priced at $495.00 for a 386 based unix machine. There is
a limit of 25 simultaneous users. If you want the Facet/PC additions,
then there is an additional cost of $125.00 (??) per PC. Facet/PC only
works if the PC is connected to the unix host via serial port. 

They have versions for just about every System V port there is, not
just for 386 machines either.

We've been using it now for a couple of months and would not want to
give it up for anything.


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