vi: Tmp file too large - ULIMIT?

John G. De Armond jgd at rsiatl.UUCP
Wed Jan 24 21:01:12 AEST 1990

In article <3P91VN6ccs at> karl at (Karl Lehenbauer) writes:

>>>I cannot edit a large text file (~450K) using 'vi'.
>>>It complains 'Tmp file too large' and switches to 'ed' mode.

You obviously hit a ulimit :-)

>>There are vi clones running around, perhaps one already accepts huge
>>files or could be patched to do so.  I don't doubt the right EMACS can
>>do it too.  
>Elvis (a vi clone) can edit files up to about 500K unmodified
>on a 386, which is much more than vi can.  Subjectively, it's
>a lot faster, too, tho' that's from the console.  peter at sugar
>says it's slower at low baud rates because the real vi is really
>smart about minimizing number of characters transmitted or
>screen updates.

Why do a clone when the gen-u-wine vi with 386/ix will do the job.
I routinely edit my mbox file looking for old letters. (No, dammit,
I DON'T have elm up yet :-)  I just looked at its size and was somewhat
surprised to see that it's >> 1 meg!  Vi brought it up in about 10 seconds,
and that with news unbatching running in the background.

I've never hit a file too big to edit, assuming the line lengths are
reasonable.  I could see no real reason for there to be a practical
limit because even if they are using an int as a line counter, a 32
bit int is pretty big.


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