fas error

Vidiot brown at vidiot.UUCP
Sat Jun 2 15:09:41 AEST 1990

I finally had a change to compile the fas async driver code.  Everything
works fine until I go to compile the kernel.  I get the following error:

	undefined symbol: __divsi3  in /etc/conf/pack.d/fas/Driver.o

Driver.o is really fas.o renamed.

I am running ISC 2.0.2.  I used all the defaults that came with the fas
code.  It is version 2.05.

Any help will be appreciated by those users who have gotten this to work
on their system.

E-mail please.
      harvard\     att!nicmad\        spool.cs.wisc.edu!astroatc!vidiot!brown
Vidiot  ucbvax!uwvax..........!astroatc!vidiot!brown
      rutgers/  decvax!nicmad/ INET:<@spool.cs.wisc.edu, at astroatc:brown at vidiot>

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