X11R4 VGA server problems

Chris Spell spell at uncecs.edu
Sat Jun 9 12:13:36 AEST 1990

please HELP!!

I have compiled X11R4 on a Sys V R3.2 386 box.  I finally got
the server running, but it doesn't seem to be accepting
conections.  All i get is the grey window with an X in the 
center of the screen.  The mouse works great, but without any
clients i guess it is kinda pointless. :-)

When i type xinit I get the grey screen and a few minutes later
i give up and stop the server and the following is displayed on
my screen.  

Found a vga with color display.
Server linked Wed Jun 6 17:48:06 EDT 1990 by spell on TheBeach
X Window System protocol version 11, revision 0 (vendor release 4)
Using RT keyboard layout...

No reply from the server.

waiting for X server to begin accepting connections .

Any suggestions/ideas please let me know.  

thanks in advance,
Chris Spell
spell at ecsvax.uncecs.edu
spell at uncw.uucp
Chris Spell, UNC-Wilmington/CS Dept. (919) 395-3607
Wilmington, NC 28403
spell at ecsvax.uncecs.edu  spell at ecsvax.bitnet   spell at ecsvax.uucp

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